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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  October 1, 2012 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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speculating already on who's going to have the the zingers. governor romney is good. i'm just okay. >> and paul ryan played his own version. >> president obama is a gifted speaker. he's been on the national stage for many years. he's done these kinds of debates before. this is mitt's first time on this kind of a stage. >> but if all candidates are trying to lower expectations, maybe chris christie missed that memo. >> governor romney's going to lay out his vision for a better and greater america for greater opportunity for all of our citizens. and i think that's when you're going to see this race really start to tighten and move in governor romney's direction. come thursday morning, the entire narrative of this race is going to change. >> i want to bring in dana milbank and matt welsh. good morning to both of you.
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>> good morning. >> i suppose we shouldn't be surprised this race to lower expectations. give us your take on the expectations for this debate. >> romney needs something to happen for him. he's had a bad couple of weeks. ever since the 47% comment which i think that be difficult for him. what he needs to do is kind of what obama did in 2008. when you look at when things started to move for obama, it was during the debates. specifically he made the case then right or wrong that he was a better steward of the economy than john mccain in troubled times. romney's got to make that case in 2012. >> little different when you're running against an incumbent. right? there's not a direct parallel there. >> look at the transcript. he was running against president bush. that these set of economic policies are wrong and i have a compelling vision. whether he can do that is another story. >> your colleague e.j. deion
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wrote journalists are in search of defining moments and game changers. by this standard, romney needs to game changer. obama can live quite happily without one. so do you think that mitt romney needs to have a big moment or if he is perceived to have won will at least give republicans some momentum. is that really the most reasonable thing to hope for? >> well, certainly it will. if the race were sort of fixed in time right now, everybody assumes that obama would win. in many ways that's happening because of early voting all right. so romney needs to change the trajectory in some way. now, that washington post is actually good news for romney in a sense he is winning the expectations game. people assume that obama will be better. so that may mean he doesn't have to do as well as all that to surprise people and say this guy is really up to the job. but the pressure is really on
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romney to change the direction of this race and to, you know, let people know it's not necessarily over. that can be done in various debates. but this first one is going to form the most impressions. >> john harwood says only twice have these televised debates seemed to shift the outcome of the race. in 2004 george w. bush went up against al gore. in gore's case, a strategist thought he lost that debate in the spin room. so i wonder, matt, how much of this is decided by what the candidates actually say? and how much by the pundits the day after? >> i give the american people some credit. i think they can listen and watch. and most evidence has shown that people start paying attention maybe around the conventions. they pay a lot of attention in the debates as well. what romney has to do is to get people who don't think obama has
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earned a second mandate, he's got to get them to think he deserved to replace him. there is room to make that case. i don't think he's made that case so far, but we're talking about tinkering around the margins. i think both sides are going to -- democrats are going to vote democrat, republicans will vote republican. >> and john mccain who knows more than a little bit about what it's like to be in a presidential debate had this take on "morning joe" today. >> i think for us to raise the expectation, he's got to do something spectacular. those things don't happen in debates anymore. they're too well rehearsed. >> let me ask you about the gaffes. there have been blunders that hurt. gerald ford saying there was no soviet domination of eastern europe. but do you think mccain's right? >> no, i don't think he is. it's maybe that romney can't do something himself. but if obama has a slipup, i mean that debate you referenced
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the gore-bush debate. i was at that debate and didn't realize what a spectacular disaster it was because i didn't hear the sigh. it was the sigh heard around the world when you were watching it at home on television. i think that damaged gore. he didn't recover from it in subsequent debates. if obama has that sort of a slipup, that can change the trajectory. i think more often than not, these debates aren't conclusive. if the debate isn't conclusive the race at this point goes to obama. >> i want to bring in governor jack markel. good to have you here. how important are these expectations? >> they certainly got a lot of play on the talk shows. but in the end i also give credit to the american people. they're going to sort it through. they've been sorting it through now for months. and certainly since the convention. it comes down to who's got the energy behind him. >> does mitt romney need to hit
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it out of the park? is this going to be one of the seminole moments in the campaign? >> i think there are a lot of moments. i think it's cumulative. i think people more and more believe that president obama has the right message. and clearly he's got a lot of energy in terms of his volunteer base tout there. >> carol simpson was on here yesterday and fascinating. she moderated the debate between bush, clinton, perot. here's her analysis of what's important. >> i'm going to upset some people now, but debates are more about style than substance. the advantage of being a moderator is that people told me what they thought about the debate after the debate. and the things they told me were things like why did george bush look at his watch? where did he have to go? why was he anxious to get out of there? and people tell me now that they want to see how they do. they don't want to hear.
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i think they've heard a lot about the economy. and they're not interested in the minutia. >> governor, let me get your take on style versus substance. and can you really coach style? i mean, maybe you can say don't look at your watch, but aren't these guys who they are by now? >> i think a lot of it comes down to whether or not the candidates look like they're comfortable in their own skin. i think the president certainly does. and it's been perhaps more difficult for governor romney because he's had to change positions a number of times throughout the campaign. >> well, that's the democratic talking point. having said that, do you think that this is -- the debates are a lot about who would you rather have a beer with? who would you like to have lunch with? >> my sense is the debate is about who has the better vision for the country's future. who really understands the challenges. who's got the right plan and who's likeliest to make it happen. >> what do you think the biggest
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challenge is for the president? in bloomberg, al hunt said i think the president's problem is looking arrogant. he can sometimes come off as being contemptuous. >> upg the biggest challenge for any candidate is focusing on getting your message out. he spent months now for delivering his message. where he wants to take the country. to be really focused in making sure that comes through. >> you're plugged into voters. i'll tell you what i hear. you tell me if it's different. when am i going to hear something substantive. they feel that there has been a lot of fighting in this race. that there's been a lot of talk about things that aren't the core of what matters to them. would you agree with that? and if so, how do they turn that in this debate? >> it's interesting.
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i watched a new ad the president's team puts out. he made sure the people get directed to his website. barack where it's laid out. i gave a short speech at the convention where i referenced the website. he lays out specifics. >> governor, thank you. howard dean suggested to this whole big point of substance versus style that you could almost watch the debate on mute. listen to this. >> the key to a debate if you want to see how it moves the american people is to turn off the sound. watch the mannerisms. it's not so much what they say. there may be a zinger that could change things. but it's how they come across. the president has to avoid being irritable. >> style versus substance, coming off as cocky, what's your take? >> i think in these debates that style is substance.
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that's how important it has become. the issues are pretty well known. we may not have all of romney's positions on x, y, or z issue. but we have the contours of where these guys would go. can i envision this guy being the president? well, they can envision him the president because he has been. but will he be too deep in the weeds of policy. very rarely does he have a one line or bit of soaring rhetoric that you really remember. will romney be able to present something otherwise? >> we did hear romney did a full debate dress rehearsal yesterday. and we're also told he's been practicing some zingers. and as you heard president obama saying don't necessarily expect any zingers. we learn he's working on keeping answers brief. but how important is it to have that moment, that line that gets
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replaying over and over the next day. >> i think it's more important to sort of attack with a knife on the economy and on foreign policy of what's happened the last three weeks which haven't been a good three weeks for the president. i think romney will try to unnerve the president by challenging him directly on this. saying you failed to lead these last three weeks and your vision for the economy is just wrong and try to get under his skin that way. i don't think obama is very flappable. but in terms of these are your policies, they don't work. we tried likable. now we need competent, he's probably going to try to do that. >> we all remember the zingers. i knew jack kennedy. we remember those things. but ultimately voters do they take away a more general feeling from the debates rather than any one line they might remember ten years later? >> absolutely, yes they do. and it comes back to who
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understands their lives, who's going to do a better job leading the country forward. >> governor markel, great to have you here. matt welch, dana milbank. thanks to all of you. unfortunately there has been another suicide attack. it hit u.s. forces in afghanistan this morning. killing at least 14 people including three u.s. soldiers. military officials say four afghan police officers were also killed. i'll be talking to nbc's richard engel live in afghanistan. that's ahead. [ male announcer ] your mouth is cleanest after a dentist visit.
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this morning's new washington post poll shows there is still some room to win votes. 13% of registered voters say they could still change their mind. although only a fraction of that group think it's likely.
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how do candidates make the pitch to unconvince voters who may still be on the sidelines or not paying attention at all? ezra klein is an msnbc policy analyst. happy morning to you. >> good morning. >> you wrote about undecided voters. who are they really? >> we kind of imagine them as these folks that are sitting and can't quite make up their minds. in fact, undecided voters are by and large uninterested voters. they tend to not pay attention to the campaign. and when they do break, history suggests in this campaign the numbers suggest they plan to go evenly between the two candidates. undecided voters are in the end pretty unlikely to be those deciding the election. >> undecided but that doesn't mean totally out of it. i mean, these aren't, like, dumb voters. you can sort of get the
10:18 am
impression they're not interested. they don't follow what's going on in the world. but that's not it, right? >> we need to separate two things. you can be uninterested -- and this is a kind of a condescension political folks have sometimes. you can be uninterested without being dumb. i am deeply uninterested in baseball. i just don't follow that. doesn't mean that i couldn't be able to comprehend baseball. that's how undecided voters are. it's hard to make them move all at once. when we think about what debates could do for undecided voters, these are people not likely to watch debates. these are people not likely to be tuning in to coverage of gaffes. if you're going to a campaign event so large that's going to move a large group of voters, you're probably going to see it move decided voters who have made up their minds but could still change them. before it ever gets to undecided voters. it would have to be huge to get to undecided voters. and it's only going to ripple
10:19 am
out to them after it gets through the people paying closely to the election. >> are these campaigns kidding themselves going for undecided voters. are they really going for the decided voters who might change their minds? or they disagree with you? >> these campaigns are doing everything at once. they are going for every voter they can figure out and contact. they're going base mobilization. when we think about the election, we imagine a fixed pool of voters. this many people support obama, this many people support romney. but actually it's a very dynamic pool of voters. the big question for both the romney and obama campaigns is what does that electorate look like when they come out to vote. in the end, it doesn't matter how many support mitt romney and support barack obama. the only thing that ends up mattering is how many people come out successfully manage to cast a vote support mitt romney and support barack obama.
10:20 am
jest an enormous amount of energy is turning out people who have decided they prefer one or the other but might not make their way to the polls. >> 36 days until the election. i did want to show these numbers from your piece. 43% of are watching very closely. that's for the decided. for the undecided and the people who may or may not go to the polls, who aren't those people who every election make their way to the polling place, do we have a good take on what get them there? is it an issue? is it a phone call? what motivates them in the end? >> so there is evidence on one of the most effective way to move people to the polls. to some degree it's human contact. having somebody knock on your door. particularly talking to a friend, somebody you may know. that really matters. if you can be convinced to sign some kind of a pledge in advance
10:21 am
or say to somebody you're going to cast a vote, that really matters. trying to get people to take pledges saying one way or the other i do pledge i will vote in this election. that tends to work as well. also see focused on feel. i see numbers today that there are a hundred field offices in ohio. mitt romney has around 40-some. that increase in staff just gives you more doors you can knock on. doors to give human contact to. and from what we know, it does appear to move people to the polls. >> great to have you on. thank you. could milk prices soon top $6 a gallon? chuck schumer says yes because congress let the farm bill expire. he says without that bill the nation will go back to 1940s era policies that require the government to buy dairy products at prices above market rates. and that bill expired yesterday. jack, you're a little boring.
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to politics now where there is a political connection to lindsay lohan's latest troubles. over the weekend, nypd arrested a guy for assault and harassment after a tussle with lohan. it turned out christian lobella worked for a congressman in illinois. while no one from congratulations man shimkus' office, he has been an employee in the washington office. obviously the congressman does not condone his actions. now the first date to ban controversial psychotherapy that's designed to make gay teenagers stragts. saying quote, the therapies have no basis in science or medicine and will now be relegated to quackery.
10:26 am
and everybody's talking about arnold schwarzenegger's new book and how he had an affair with more than just the housekeeper. he chieted with actress bridget nielsen while living with maria shriver. >> you don't feel bad about it, you just write it. >> actually, i did feel bad about it. but all my various things were just mistakes. you know, my failure, my screwups. >> was that the only affair? >> no. i had others. but, you know, that's something that's obviously between marie and me. >> and we will hear from him in our next half hour. speaking of arnold, if you read only one thing this morning, i highly recommend janet maslin's review of his book. an autobiography of someone as
10:27 am
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a new round of political fire over the past couple days. republicans bashing the president for his handling of the libya attack that killed a u.s. ambassador and three other americans. >> the white house line is you heard the president say. osama bin laden is dead. al qaeda's done. everything's fine in the middle east. this obviously contradicts that campaign slogan. >> their response was slow. it was confused, it was inconsistent. the problem is it's part of a bigger picture of the fact that the obama foreign policy is unraveling literally before our eyes on our tv screens. >> i'm joined now by john fieri. john, do republicans believe this is an issue that's going to move the needle?
10:31 am
>> that's a good question. i don't think it's going to by and large drive people to the polls. but it's more about the competence of the administration. saying this was all caused by a video. now we know it has something to do with al qaeda. it doesn't have to do with the spin of the administration that says al qaeda is dead. they don't want a mess. they want more competence. that's part of the bigger narrative the romney campaign has to drive. >> steve, there has been at least according to the politico argument a disagreement within the campaign whether libya is off topic or they should stick to the economic message. polls have shown movement towards mitt romney on foreign policy. to the larger question, does this go to competence? >> i think every day the romney campaign is talking about something other than the economy is probably a bad day for them. i think it's a sign of their desperation they have to make
10:32 am
politics out of what was a terrible tragedy. and i think the obama administration has a lot of good things on foreign policy to talk about. he's president of the united states. i think, you know, the situation was unfortunately and all the information sometimes doesn't come out as timely as people would like because it's the fog of war. but i think people have great confidence in barack obama's abilities on foreign policy and how he's managed difficult situations overseas. >> john, as mitt romney has said president obama didn't level with american people about that. to that quote, here's what david plouffe said over the weekend. >> that is preposterous and really offensive to say that. once information was received, it was distributed. this record on terrorism takes a back seat to no one. >> is there a political danger in going after the president on this? does it look a little opportunistic in a situation where four americans are dead? >> well, we are seeing -- i think paul ryan is right.
10:33 am
we're seeing the obama foreign policy dissolve in front of our eyes. we do have all hell breaking loose in the middle east. we have protests, people getting killed in afghanistan. all these situations. and obama promised that we would get out of these situations. he promised that things would be better if he were president. they seem to be getting worse. i think it's all fair. you have to talk about whether foreign policy is working and whether the president's economic policies are working. right now it seems neither are working. that's why we need to replace the president. >> maybe that's why. it raised eyebrows a couple days before the debate that the op-ed mitt romney wrote. here's what he said slamming the president on foreign policy. by failing to maintain the elements of our influence and stepping away from our alleys, president obama has heightened the prospect of conflict and instability. he does not understand an american policy that lacks resolve can provoke aggression.
10:34 am
the arab spring presented an opportunity to help move millions of people from oppression to freedom, but it also presented grave risks. we needed a strategy for success, but the president offered none. and now he seeks to down play the significance of the calamities of the past few weeks. steve, does he have a point? >> no. what's the old saying? that dog won't hunt. i don't think you can criticize barack obama on his foreign policy achievements. it's a tough world out there. it's complicated. things don't always happen the way we want them to, but they have done a terrific job of handling very difficult situations. they killed osama bin laden. i think they have a record to stand on that the president can proudly go to the debates and argue with mitt romney about what he's going to do about some very difficult situations overseas. >> gentlemen, good to see you.
10:35 am
thank you. there is new violence that we told you about in afghanistan. a suicide bomber killed 14 people including three american soldiers in the volatile eastern khost province. nbc's richard engel joins me from kabul with the latest. i understand the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack? >> the taliban says it was responsible for this. a suicide bomber walked up to an american patrol. it was americans who were walking joint patrol with afghan police as actually this american and afghan patrol was preparing to get back in nar vehicles. the taliban suicide bomber detonated an explosive vest and killed three americans and four members of the afghan patrol. the taliban is trying to make a comeback. the surge in this country is over. the 30,000-plus troops that were
10:36 am
added to afghanistan are now out of the country. and the taliban wants to fight. they are trying to change the narrative here. they want to say that after 11 years they remain undefeated. that the resistance in afghanistan is yet again defeating a superpower. it seems the opposition in this country, the taliban and other militant groups, will continue to fight and want the last americans to leave here under fire. >> richard engel in kabul for us. thank you very much. also making news this morning, ten years after a terrifying killing spree, d.c. sniper malvo calls himself a monster. in an interview with the washington post, he remembers the look on the face of the husband of a victim calling it the worst sort of pain i have ever seen in my life. malvo is now 27 years old. his police, john allen muhammad was executed in 2009.
10:37 am
the boy scouts of america will soon give the names of alleged sexual abusers up. the group says it's reviewing thousands of cases from the 1950s until now for names that went unreported. that could prompt a new round of criminal prosecutions. and the faa is investigating why a row of seats on an american airlines flight became loose in midair. the boston to miami flight made an emergency landing after those seats became unbolted. american says media reports about what happened are overblown. the seats never slid around the plane. no one was hurt. parents better stock up now on diapers. because things could get really messy. mandy is here to explain in what's moving your morning. good morning. >> messy is a good way to put
10:38 am
it. if you are in that phase of life with the little one, you might be thinking of stocking up now before we face a possible shortage in diapers -- at a japanese chemical plant that produces a fifth of the global supply of the polymers in very popular diapers like in huggies. operation of the factory is suspended. so don't panic just yet. >> all right. you were on a very different topic one of a massive number of moviegoers that went to see the new animated family film "hotel transylvan transylvania" this weekend. >> i have to say my kids loved it. i loved it. they had a $43 million opening. that is the highest of september of all time. sony pictures animation says it
10:39 am
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day one for the supreme court and it begins with a heating debate outside the hallowed walls. will chief justice john roberts side with the conservatives or shock again after his vote to uphold president obama's health care law rocked the legal world? and that's not all. there are several big cases coming up, big issues that become part of the conversation in the presidential race if they aren't already. pete williams is at the supreme court. all right, pete. let's start with some of the top cases. one by one, affirmative action. >> virtually every college in america that's selected uses affirmative action in some ways
10:44 am
to achieve a racially diverse campus. this better prepares students for the working world. upheld nine years ago, but this time it faces a new challenge with the big change on the courts. who wrote that opinion upholding it is gone replaced by samuel alito. the case o comes from the university of texas which allows basically every top academyive performer in a texas high school, guarantees them submission. one factor they look at in rounding out the class, the question is whether they discriminates, it's challenged by a white student who failed to get in. >> we heard a lot during the primaries about gay marriage. tell us about the act. >> signed by president clinton defines marriage between only a man and a woman. what that means is states where same-sex marriage is permitted. the states recognize the marriage, but the federal government doesn't.
10:45 am
there are a host of things the federal government doesn't recognize. most of the courts who look at this have struck it down as unconstitutional. the supreme court is almost sure to take it up. when you have lower courts striking down an act of congress, they feel to step in. we'll probably hear about that in late november. >> another thing active in front of the court, a ruling that could have an impact on minorities for years to come. >> make a huge change to the voting rights act. the court hasn't granted this one, but it's almost certain to. here's the issue. part of the voting rights act says in areas that had a history of zprimgs mostly in the south, those states or cities or counties can't make changes at all in their election procedures until they get permission from the federal government. three years ago they came close to striking that down saying things changed in the south. congress should update the map. congress didn't do a thing.
10:46 am
so there's a strong possibility that the supreme court here could weaken if not entirely strike that down which would be an enormous change in a landmark civil rights law. >> take us inside the supreme court and how this works and how they decide what cases get done when and when we might hear some of these decisions. >> well, it's the same procedure. and it's unusual. because if you are in a state, the state supreme court must hear your case. not true here. the supreme court decides for the most part which cases to hear. it takes four votes mong the justices to grand a case. of course, takes five votes to win out of the nine. they confer on which cases they want to talk about. then they vote and then we hear about it on days like today when we get the orders list. but the reason i say with some confidence that they'll take the voting rights act case is because of the way the federal law works. if you get turned down by the federal government, the congress virtually requires the supreme court to hear those. i think it's likely they'll take
10:47 am
up the voting rights challenge and the defense of marriage. >> pete williams, always good to see you. thanks. >> my pleasure. the first day of the term prompts today's tweet of the day. luke johnson says john roberts is back from his island fortress. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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this morning the obama campaign is touting a milestone. 10 million people have donated to the president's re-election effort. about an hour ago, they tweeted out this message. the coolest thing about a record 10 million donations in 2012, every donation you make now sets a new one. keep going. arnold schwarzenegger is going into detail about what went on birthdays behind closed doors. in an interview with 60 minutes he admitted not only to an affair with his housekeeper but several more. >> it was just one day after
10:51 am
leaving office when maria shriver confronted schwarzenegg about the suspicion he fathered a child with their housekeeper. >> that visit was the visit when she said hey, i think that joseph is your kid. and am i off on this or not? i said you're absolutely correct. i had to face up to that. which i have been kind of hiding, no one knew about. and that i knew about it at that point for five or six years. >> you just said you're absolutely right? >> i said you're absolutely right. i'm sorry. it was very painful to her. she was disappointed. >> when she asked why didn't you tell me, what did you say? >> that i did not know how to. >> he admits that maria had confronted him before, but he denied it. >> i think it was the stupidest thing i've done in the whole
10:52 am
relationship. it was terrible. i inflicted tremendous pain. unbelievable pain on the kids. because hi to tell them. each about the what has happened and how i've screwed up. >> how did that go? >> ask them for forgiveness. they cried. it takes -- tears your heart out. they just have to tell them that. >> but as much as arnold we veals in the book, he doesn't want to elaborate about his relationship with the son. >> the important point everyone should know is i take care of him and i take care of her. and i fulfill my responsibility. >> arnold also admits there were more affairs. when he was living with maria before they were married, he said he had an affair with
10:53 am
bridgette nielsen while filming. >> truly i did feel bad about it. but all my various things they were mistakes. and this is my failure. my screwups. >> is that the only affair? >> no. it's something that obviously between maria and me. >> she knew? >> yeah. >> so it's a recurring issue with you? >> i'm not perfect. >> well, this morning, arnold schwarzenegger made another revelation. he said he's still a republican, but he does not know what he'll vote for. he says he always waits until the last minute and wants to see how the candidates do in the debates. that wraps up this hour of "jansing and co." i'm chris jansing. thomas roberts is up next. you look different. >> do i? i feel a little different. but very good different. >> you woke up happy this
10:54 am
morning? >> little bit married. >> little bit. there's such a thing? >> i don't think so. it's like a little bit pregnant. >> don has been married about 25 years, he goes no such thing. >> it's a whole lot of married now. thanks so much. >> congrats. >> thank you. coming up, chris christie saying it's the moment. wednesday night's face to face showdown between mitt romney and president obama. will it be the game changer that romney desperately needs? plus you've seen him in those bain commercials bashing mitt romney in the battle ground states. they've been spoofed on "saturday night live" now the workers have hitting the campaign trail. they are the new gop campaign ad rock stars. how they're using babies just like that in the ads to woo women. a lot more coming up in the 11:00 a.m. hour of me being a married man. see you in a second. e imperfects
10:55 am
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and it could be mitt romney's chance to change the game against president obama. both candidates are hunkering down for debate prep. the president in nevada. mitt romney in colorado tonight after spending some time this weekend prepping in massachusetts. the new polls are showing a tight national race. take a look at this washington post abc news poll. the president has a lead. it has grown now to 11 points. and 55% think the president will win the debates with both campaigns now in full predebate spin mode. president obama is lowering expectations for himself. >> governor romney, he's a good debater. i'm just okay. >> meanwhile others in the romney camp are trying to play down the impact of wednesday's
10:59 am
debate. chris christie significantly raised the stakes in these comments he repeated again and again and again on sunday. >> on wednesday night, mitt romney's going to be standing on the same stage with the president of the united states. i am telling you come thursday morning the entire narrative is going to change. >> chris christie didn't get the memo you're supposed to down play expectations. >> if he can get through this first debate and as mark was saying earlier convince republicans he's still in the race, not have his fund raising dry up, not have them abandon him as a lost cause. this first debate on wednesday, got to shock the campaign back to life. if romney does well, i mean, you're not going to be able to buy enough ads to rival what a good mitt romney could do on wednesday. it could tighten it in ohio and iowa. that's what -- you can't buy


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